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52photos l nature

my 52photos capture   l   nature

it had to be clouds. i'm a meteorologist. clouds are my joy. when God displays nature like this i stand in awe. i never cease to look up when i walk outside. i always watch. sometimes nature rears an ugly head, yet i see only beautiful. even in the wicked skies i see the power of a just God. and just as wonderfully i see the upper part of a cumulunimbus, a thunderstorm cloud and i stand in awe - still.

kids recipe book

i made a goal.

my goal is to make 250 recipe cards for the kids' recipe book before christmas.

i have 79 done right now.

i made 20 just today. 20 in one morning is very doable if i've already blogged the recipe or can find it again on the internet and don't have to re-type the recipe from memory and by hand.

i'm cheating. i'm using photos from the internet if i don't have one. because i'm not publishing this book but making them for my kids i'm ok with this. i have alot of photos i've taken but some i just don't have. especially when it comes to staple recipes like spaghetti, or grilled hamburgers, or scrambled eggs.

here are a few never-before seen here on my blog that are included in the book:

can't believe i've never blogged these babies! so good.

my favorite christmas cookie of all time. the photo isn't exactly like the bars but the jist is there.

another christmas favorite. not sure if i'll be able to eat them anymore. they have chocolate in them.

we've had these once and they were delish. really need to make again! i think we originally made them as a side dish with grilled hamburgers.

a very old favorite. found this in a bake-off pillsbury cookbook. it is a great zucchini recipe.

i was very disappointed with the walgreens prints when i received the first batch. they were not 4 x 6 and some of the recipes letters got cut off. they were actually 4 x 5 7/8. so so sad. they reimbursed me my money but since i got a sweet deal on them i'll still have to pay more when i re-order. walgreens couldn't even give me a good fix. they just said they print 4 x 6 as stated. they did suggest going into the store to order and asking them to print 4 x 6 - aah - thought that was what i did when i ordered on line.

no, they don't!

52photos l red

my 52photos capture   l   red

my red chair still sits in my room unused, except for piling clothes on it. one day. when our bedroom is decorated. and clothes are put away. and i have a haven for the first time. a place for quiet time. i will sit in my red chair when i need that space. when i need the peace and the quiet.

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freezer breakfast burritos

i found this idea on the internet (i think pinterest) for making breakfast burritos in bulk and then freezing them individually. it would make for quick meals, or on-the-go-meals. great idea! i shared the idea with hoosier man and he loved it. especially since the boys and he make egg and cheese burritos all the time for breakfast.

but this recipe added crumbled sausage and hashbrowns. over the top burritos. sounded awesome.

here's what we did:

1. fried up a couple pounds of hot jimmy dean sausage. we ended up only used 1.5 pounds so we baggied up individual servings of sausage for omelets, or burritos later.

2. fried up 1 bag of shredded hashbrowns and 1 large Vidalia onion, diced. i didn't worry about crustiness because, hey, they're going into a burrito.

3. scrambled up a dozen eggs. and then set up an assembly line at the table. we gently heated the burritos for ease of folding, sprinkled on some 4-cheese mexican shredded cheese, scooped on the hashbrowns, then the sausage, then the eggs.

4. the boys began rolling the burritos and wrapping them in plastic wrap. we ended up with 17 large burrito-size burritos (these are the largest tortillas you can buy). we decided on this size of burrito because that is the size the boys normally eat for breakfast. granted we could have made a lot more but we felt the boys would go for seconds if they were smaller.

5. the last things we did was place our wrapped burritos into a freezer bag. it took 3 freezer bags. now when we want a burrito we can just grab one out of the bag and microwave it. we'll have to figure out how long once we start grubbing on them.

this is a wonderful idea. and i'm sure this will become a normal routine for us.

31 things l finished

31 things   l   hobby and drink.

i think the most enjoyable outcome of these 31 things are the revelations. when one sits down to write about one thing plus you and that one thing so many things are revealed that you don't realize.

in september-october i'll be taking 31 More Things by Ali Edwards and Big Picture Scrapbooking. i'm going to fill this album of things.

31 things   l   listen and carry

31 things   l   smell & 3:35 p.m.

31 things   l   joy

joy was the last thing. i do however need to finish the next to the last thing before i can post the page. so excited to have 'almost' completed an album. DONE!

date night l welcome to mitford

our church was putting on a dinner theatre this past weekend, 3 nights showing, called 'welcome to mitford'. we decided early on to go to it and were originally going to take the boys but decided to turn it into a date night. then it got turned into a small group/date night gathering.

the dinner theatre was held at the Link of Savannah Christian Church. The Link is the student ministries building. The stage (above and below) was specifically designed. The back drop here was the part of the entire play. A few 'scenes' would come out of craftily erected doors hidden in the backdrop then they would be retrieved and go to another scene. it was laid back and fun.

Welcome to Mitford is a drama, comedy written by Robert Inman adapted from the Mitford novels written by Jan Karon and centered around Father Tim Cavanaugh a much-loved rector of the community chapel of Mitford along with the quirky character parishoners that Father Tim comes into contact with every day. Father Tim is in every scene and carries the brunt of the play but the additional characters were amazingly fun and indepth.

our small group had to split up between several tables so i only got pictures of our table. amy and jerilyn. we adore amy.

two of my favorite people: ron and jerilyn (they're married). i love talking with jerilyn and ron is a hoot. he's argumentive in a challenging, no nonsense sort of way. they just plain love the Lord.

Cindy (on the left) is Ron's sister and also is apart of our small group. i think the other lady is Linda but i'd just met her.

amy got a picture of us too. 

the Manna ministry put on a great spread for dinner. after all it was a dinner theatre. a very lovely evening. 


spider web

we pulled into the driveway behind the impala the other night after our date about ten o'clock. the van's headlights caught this spider web from the impala to the oak tree that astrides our neighbor's and our property. with a spider in the center. a very big spider. and a very big spider web.

lately we've had the tendency to walk between the vehicles after parking rather than go behind. if i'd done that tonight, if we hadn't seen this web i'd have walked right into the spider's web.

thankfully the light caught it.

it was present at night but by morning when the light came out the web was gone. itneresting.

40 recipes l 23

we had beef sliders the other night after church and we, hoosier man and i, worked together to make this fried zucchini because there a quite a few steps, and anything frying in oil needs watching. we did good!

these fried zucchini were awesome. perfectly done inside. absolutely no sogginess. just crisp. the breading stayed on the zucchini while frying. best fry breading i've tried plus great flavor. so glad i've found another way to serve zucchini. the panko works great with this recipe and offers an added crunch.

the ranch dressing was perfect as the condiment to serve but i'd love to find a spicy, horseradish-based sauce for dipping also. great recipe! and notice i'm more than half way done on my 40-recipe-challenge for 2012.

homeschool 101 l around the world in 180 days lesson plans UPDATED

Another UPDATE:

As of 9/13/2016 I will continue to offer these lesson plans. If you would like a copy please leave your email information in the comments and I'll send you a copy (with the caveat that it may take a week or two depending on how busy I am and the notes below).

Also, I would love to hear back if you found them useful. You can reply to any post and let me know how you used them, how they worked (or didn't work). I'm just curious:)




As of August 13, 2015 I am STILL offering these lesson plans, at least for one more year. If you would like a copy please leave your contact information in the comments. I will email you a copy. A couple tips:

1) These lesson plans were made using a First Edition book (but I would imagine you could still modify to suit current editions).

2) We used a few books we checked out from the library for research purposes but most research (probably 95%) was done via the internet.

3) The missionary studies were favorites so were the read-a-louds (such as Heart of Darkness).

4) I use Microsoft Word so you can certainly modify to fit your needs.

5) I will only continue offering this for one more year only because my sons are in their 12th grade year of school and we'll be finished with homeschooling.

I hope everyone I've sent these lesson plans too have been blessed. That was my intent!


Somehow I have not succumbed to the ‘buy curriculum because I just love it’. I’ve made a 4-year plan of where the boys need to go for their high school career and have bought curriculum accordingly. It saves a ton of money and wastes not. The requirements for state of Georgia students to graduate are three history-related courses, with even more specific requirements. They will need a world history, an U.S. history, plus one other. In co-op this coming year, for their 9th grade year, they will be taking a World/Bible history class which will fulfill their world history requirement. Beginning in 10th grade we will purchase Core 100 from Sonlight for their US history requirement.


Because of the immensity of these curriculums we will most likely take two years to complete Core 100. I have no problem with this whatsoever. Because they have four years of high school to complete three history requirements it actually gives us some wiggle room.

This brings us to the third requirement for history. I have selected geography. One of the things I realized while I was in the military, studying meteorology, and then forecasting, many people (even me at times) didn’t know their geography. Thus, selecting geography for the Georgia Boys was out of foreknowledge that if kids back then didn’t know geography why I should assume kids today will know it. In fact, in my meteorology class at co-op I noticed exactly that when we were analyzing charts in the U.S. And I don’t want that for the boys.  The curriculum is actually a world geography and culture history course. The curriculum is a notebook-based curriculum. The Georgia Boys will be filling a notebook-full, each, on Africa, Australia, Antarctica (yes! Antarctica. It is included in our studies too.), Asia, South America, Europe, and North America. About each continent, students will learn geography, history, religion, culture, key people, and current events/issues. They will employ timelines, maps, research, and hands-on "doing" for this curriculum from a Christian perspective. This curriculum is not textbook-oriented but is based on researching, reasoning, relating, and recording. Around the World in 180 Days, published by Apologia, is the same publishers we use for the boys’ science classes in co-op that are Christian-based, Creation-based textbooks.

As the boys began winding down with their homeschool I began preparing for the coming years work in geography.  This curriculum only consists of a teacher’s book and sets of student pages for each continent for a notebook, and no textbooks. This meant I had to prepare lesson plans. And, I had to find accompanying textbooks and other reading materials. The teacher’s book lists suggested textbooks which I set out finding. I have borrowed and purchased mostly via Amazon, used books. I have also been on our local libraries website to see which books I can check out rather than have to borrow or buy. This may seem like an expensive endeavor but this Geography class will be completed over a two-year course, and anything I have to buy will be spread out over those two years, as needed. In addition, I’m buying used, not new and hunting for bargains.

After reading many reviews on this curriculum I realized for the Georgia Boys to be successful with this course I would need to set them up for success. I noticed that many parents who reviewed the curriculum seemed to let their kids ‘have at it’ without any preparation and the kids got frustrated. Or the parents weren’t willing to prepare or put the time necessary into creating guidelines for their children. I don’t fault the parents because many curriculums today come ready, set, go. The parent doesn’t have to do anything.


But that meant I would need to prepare lesson plans, a syllabus if you will, of their daily assignments and have the necessary materials available for their research if they were going to succeed and like the course. Again, because of reviews I created the syllabus to break up any possible monotony from just answering questions. For instance, one day the boys will map the continent. Another day they might develop a brochure for a location of interest, or research an animal of the country, or visit a missionary, or an explorer. They might record the five W’s about an important person, etc.


I have also prepared a notebook with tabs for them. The tabs serve to keep them organized: maps, activities, geography questions, terms, missionaries, and current events. All of their work, whether it is a summary, defining terms, writing a paper, or coloring maps will be put into their notebooks under the correct tab. The syllabus I’ve created identifies which tab each assignment goes. I have also created a separate syllabus for each continent.

This took time. I went through the entire teacher’s manual, page by page, question by question, term by term and began breaking them up into daily assignments and incorporating suggested reading, added in weekly current event assignments, and studying of missionaries. Because my original plan was to break the course up into two-years I didn’t worry if a daily assignment was only one question researched, reasoned, related and recorded, and in fact some days are only one question and some involve mapping an entire continent of countries.

The syllabus looks like this:

the name of the continent, the lesson for the day, and the tab under the lesson will be filed.


which week they are in for each continent and the day of the week.


each week they will complete a current event associated with the continent and complete daily varied assignments.

The assignment might be specified on the syllabus, or a page number and question number from their student manual that specifies the assignment. I am not under any illusions that I won’t have to make changes as we go. And that is ok.

I should be able to gauge after only a month or two if this syllabus is working or if it needs refining. All in all I'm very excited. I think the boys are looking forward to the interaction we'll have because of it.

Note: I would like to offer my lesson plans for this curriculum for FREE if anyone would like them. Just leave a contact in the comments section and I'll email the documents to you.

I love l june

new series. things i love. things i want. things i'd like to get. things i dream about and imagine for my home.

1. an indoor grill  2. i love adirondack chairs; always have  3. darling farmer's market boxes 4. butter dish - so cute! 5. 3-Tiered trays; perfect for my kitchen counter (fruit, vegetables) 6. Dinner Love - perfect for our family 7. mason jar frosted mugs 8. Red and Grey striped pillow for bedroom