summer manifesto l the subway art
I love l june

summer manifesto l summer story #5

although we regularly go to the library we wanted to make sure that the library this summer was on our regular to do list, apart of our summer. i gave the boys a summer reading list full of classics like the three musketeers, and the great gatsby, the prince and the pauper and tom sawyer. this visit jarrod checked out the three musketeers and john is reading the prince and the pauper. we also grabbed the great gatsby and some movies and old television shows like Magnum P.I. We watched a couple episodes the other night and the boys loved it - and i still love it. it is still very watchable! must be tom selleck.

i added a little embellishment 'love stories' created by ali edwards for designer digitals. i might actually go back and add some sort of flag or banner to each story photo as a little something. this process putting this together is pretty simple now. i use my own templates and insert photos, journal, and it's good to go. can't wait to print and put together.

speaking of printing: i'm done with my 31 Things album and will be uploading the 12 x 12 pages to persnickity prints this week. i just may create a 12 x 12 template to upload my 6 x 6 summer manifesto album then upload those pages too and get started on binding the album mini-together.