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summer manifesto l the album

i am putting together a mini-album for our summer manifesto activities. they aren't in any type of order just documented as they happen. i'm probably gonna' make an insert for a hello summer, and the original manifesto, and then the last page will be a goodbye summer. of course the idea for the mini album came for none other than my scrapbooking hero, ali edwards. i'm just making it my own instead buying her templates for it.

the front cover of the album (a 6 x 6 album). i'll punch holes in the sides for 1 inch rings. i may or may not mat the front and back pages (probably will though now that i think about it.

each double page spread (again these are 6 x 6) will have a title page like this with the summer story number plus the summer manifesto

the right side of the double page spread will have another picture (4 x 6 photo with white border) plus the story. each story will begin with summer story

using a photo behind the stories title page allows me to include two photos from the story rather than just one. i guess i could turn the 4 x 6 on the next page into small photos if i need to but this is a mini album, photos + story

my plan is to complete a double page spread for each summer manifesto activitiy rather than each time we do something (for instance, we made homemade ice cream; we hope to make homemade ice cream each month this summer; i'll only include one double page spread even thought the activity might happen more than once.

i want to allow the opportunity for additional summer activities that aren't in the original manifesto. i have no problem including them even thought they weren't on the manifesto, like if we go to splash in the boro, or go bowling, or do something else summerish.