31 things l think & spot
recipe book l growing


i made a page of ian's head start graduation

i finally filed 2012 2011 receipts

i directed the boys in organization skills as they refolded and neatly put the kitchen towels and cloths in two wire baskets in the laundry room

i graded an algebra 1 test

i planned the boys' spanish lessons for this week

i made my bed - i know, shocker!

i found the camera i thought i'd lost; actually i called hoosier man if he knew where the camera was and he told me where i could find it

i've had a slow, boring day

i will make corn on the cob and grilled pork steaks for dinner

i will walk this evening in the muggy, scorching heat when i will sweat and be all yucky and hate every minute because i will sweat and be all yucky in the muggy, scorching heat