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just a picture of carrot cake. i'm making the kids' recipe book and it is coming along famously. i'd added the category 'christmas goodies' to be able to not only include our favorite christmas cookies growing up but those 'other' recipes that we remember. like aunt shirley's carrot cake recipe. dad's favorite. oh - and that is dad's hand holding a piece of carrot cake. sacred memory in the ordinary is simply extraordinary. dad had stuck a fork in it to show just how thick and moist the cake was, full of sweet and carrots. and dad's wrist watch. he always wore his watch on the inside of his wrist instead of the outside like ordinary people do. just another extraordinary memory of a very ordinary occasion. sure the sacred in this ordinary made me cry. but that is extraordinary too. crying is so good for the soul when we can cry wonderful tears of amazing memories. i think God gives us these sacred memories in an otherwise ordinary day to remind us of the extraordinary - like dad.