hello monday
road to alaska and boy scouts camp


eklutna lake, alaska (photo by my daughter elizabeth, my budding photographer)

sometimes i enjoy solitude

sometimes i am pleased with my weight loss and other times I’m still very discouraged

sometimes i could really use a hug

sometimes i just want to read, read, read and do nothing else

sometimes i wish i could enjoy reading anything and everything

sometimes (ok a lot of times) i would like to have girlfriends that just want to hang

sometimes i make hot onion dip just for me

sometimes i see something i’d like to make or create and I know I don’t have the abilities to

sometimes in the summer i wish it was winter

sometimes i envision traveling the world

sometimes i am discontent but most of the time i am content

sometimes i go days without being in the Word and I don’t know why because i enjoy it immensely

sometimes i miss my girls and grandkids so much i just cry

sometimes i think about giving away all my scrapbooking supplies and just go all digital and then I think about how much I spent on them