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today i love l july edition

i am still searching for bedroom decor. and have purchased some items. seems i'm leaning heavily towards red and want to change up making sure blues are included and i'm seriously considering a golden yellow accent since i'm no longer in the red accent stage. found 1 and 2 at overstock. love the mix of colors and would look awesome in the room adding in enough blue. 3 is a dream and is on sale right now. i don't have a phone with app to take those instant photos so this would be a wonderful change up from my either of my canon's. and it's on sale right now. would be a great christmas present to tuck away. and it's on sale right now!!!

4 i love!!!! they are already on my bed. they are amazingly soft. the perfect color. they fit my oversized mattress exactly. the flat sheet is huge, covering both of us and can be tucked in on all three sides. love these flannel sheets. i know you're think flannel in this hot summer. but we love them and while my other 'cheap' flannels from walmart were soft we sweat all the time. we haven't sweat once with these sheets. so comfortable. and the color is perfect.

5 i'll be teaching this study in the fall and i can't wait! i've been away from leading bible studies for over a year and it's time to return.