a photo walk

12 of 12 l august

so i was supposed to take 12 photos on the 12th of august but i only snapped a few. i had great intentions. i had my camera. but i also experienced some emotional experiences that kind of kept me paralyzed from the camera. not sure why. anyways, while our day began and ended great there were a few hiccups in between.

i headed for work, in the van, surprisingly. had leftover Denny's for breakfast. was super busy at work with low ceilings, fog, and then some shower activity. but God blessed me with a rainbow - a great reminder of his promises - which i would need later.

on my way home i lost the brakes in my van, but was able to get pulled over. hoosier man to the rescue - and a tow truck. hoosier man and the georgia boys are using the weekends to put in a kitchen for a friend and doing an amazing job! no surprise there. they closed up shop and hoosier man and i headed to the commissary for grocery shopping - a weeks worth of grocery but needed to be a quick trip. thankfully i'd taken the menu to work and had worked up a grocery list already. we got in and got out quickly.

we came home and immediately had all-hands-on-deck for dinner preparations, dishes, and snack preparations for small group. somehow, we made and shared dinner, got the snacks prepared and ready for the oven in plenty of time and were able to relax with a wonderful time of small group and bible study.

needless-to-say exhaustion struck as the last of the group were leaving the house.