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146 seconds with God

sometimes we have such a hard time with this whole happiness thing. but it really is simple. how do you see God in every situation? this defines your happiness. am i saying i should be grateful in the diffiuclties, in the trials, in the pain? Yep! absolutely! it's that whole, "consider it pure joy when faced with trials..." thing from James 1 in the Bible. most of the time we just can't find the joy, the happiness in the middle of those situations. but that is when we need to find them, see them, because that is when we'll see God for who He really is. and we'll be grateful. that is when we'll know for certain we'll get through it. we'll have the perseverance to persevere.

have you ever been grateful in a trial? thanked the Lord for the difficulty? praised the Lord for the tribulation? if you have, i'll bet the situation didn't seem so bad. you had God on your side.

but, then you began walling in your situation again. the worries began. you lost your joy, your happiness.


you left God out - again.

then you were reminded somehow to be grateful, thankful, and you praised the Lord.

what happened?

you found joy. you found joy and happiness in your circumstances.