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i want to remember...

i want to remember...

i want to remember that jarrod and john dressed alike their first day of homeschool co-op, purposefully, in order to stump the teachers.

i want to remember I was nervous my for my first class, with new laboratory exercises but all went well and I heard from a parent their student in my class said, ‘man, she loves meteorology.’

i want to remember that while the boys struggle with their school work they love all the assignments

i want to remember that jarrod and john’s first day of high school was without all the anxieties normally associated with high school because we homeschool

i want to remember that the boys carried my bags to the van and into co-op without me asking. thank you, boys.

i want to remember the awesome impression the boys make with their teachers. they are so well-liked by adults

i want to remember that john told a girl he liked her (he knew her from last year) and she spurned him. but, he is fine about it: “we’ll just be friends, then.” oh my, he is special!

i want to remember that all my hard work regarding the geography curriculum paid off – the boys love it! and they are learning so much.

I want to remember homeschooling john and jarrod is the best thing we could have done.

journaling prompts such as i want to remember (which ali posted recently) are a great way to get alot of memorable information down and an awesome way to scrapbook. other prompts are things like sometimes...i love...i wish...i see...i'm thankful for...for today...i choose...because...

so many ideas.