hello monday l finding fall
date night l six pence pub

photo walk l number 2

short walk after a recent date night and dinner downtown at six pence pub. took the opportunity to record the early evening date. we enjoyed an amazing meal. great conversation. the idea of finding restaurants in our fair city to eat at that we have never tried was a decidedly good idea. we'll be doing this again. we walked a bit dinner to try and work off our bangers and mash appetizer, and our prime rib entree, and hoosier man's pecan pie.

interesting finds on this walk, especially the woolworths in front of a place that is no longer a woolworths and remembering - well - woolworths. do you remember woolworths? had no idea you can't ride your bike in the squares downtown! noticed how the side walks downtown, as we walked, changed so many times; so many varieties of stones, everywhere. interesting.