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summer manifesto 2012

at the beginning of summer ali edwards planned a summer manifesto album that inspired me to put our own manifesto together. she shared her mini album this past october. i posted several stories over the summer as we 'fulfilled' our manifesto here. i finally buckled down
and put the album together.

i printed all my pages 6 x 6 on both photo paper or thick cardstock that i had on hand. then i affixed each page to a piece of 6 x 6 chipboard, which is part of a chipboard album i found in my stash by 7 gypsies which i've probably had for 5 years or so.

yeah me! for using my stash.

the front of the album is super simple. i love the arialic hollow font. i've been using that same font for elizabeth's road to alaska album. it really has become a favorite for titles.

the album really isn't very thick since i've used absolutely no embellishments - just pictures and words.

although i only had 1-inch rings on hand (they came with the album) because i couldn't find my stash of rings in my - stash - hidden somewhere.

the two page spreads look like this with the summer manifesto title on a picture and then the story underneath another photo.

i finished the album with ten of the summer manifesto actually completed. no worries for not finishing the list because we (or the boys, or the boys and jeff) did so much more.

i'll definitly be doing another summer manifesto next summer. and very much looking forward to creating the memories as well as the creative endeavor of putting an album together.

even if it took me three months to finalize a book.