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52 scraplifts | 06 | 15 journal prompts

this is really scraplift #6 but i'm kinda out of order with posting my scraplifts.

i was perusing katie's blog the other day and saw this post on 15 fast, easy journal prompts. then i was sifting through my small stack (after i purged) of scrapbooking page ideas and i came across another cathy zielske design page on symmetry. again the clean and simple jumped out at me. the journal prompts gave me the idea to do a modified approach to cathy's page (hers was one person, 4 journal notes with a word prompt)

i asked the georgia boys, hoosier man and myself the fifteen easy, fast journal prompts and jotted down their(my) answers. interesting results for such simple prompts.

the fifteen questions i asked:

Favorite Color

Favorite Movie/TV Character

Favorite Candy

Favorite Drink

Favorite Flower

Favorite Collection

Favorite Food

Favorite Animal

Favorite Movie

Favorite Television Show

Favorite Season


If you could go anywhere in the world

Favorite thing to wear

How do you relax

then i put it all together with a photo for each and our responses to the journal prompt. as i said it was interesting - and enlightening. one of the responses gave me an idea for a future project. that is pretty cool.

i'm off on my margins i noticed but if you want to read our responses just click on the response image and it will become a larger image.

i thought it was interesting how the boys were very literal when it came to favorite thing to wear and there were a few surprises from them too. i really got a kick out of hoosier man's favorite thing to wear: his tuxedo - yum! i like him wearing that too. but then i like him in overalls too. also, we pretty much all like NCIS in one way or another - pretty funny!