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52 scraplifts | 08

52 scraplifts | 07

rhonda stark from the creating keepsakes, june 2005 magazine created this digital page and i loved the clean-ness and the words + photos and a the words telling about any given weekday of their lives.

i've documented pieces of our day, i've done week in the life but i thought this would be a good thing to have an account of any given weekday.

i pretty much scraplifted the entire page from the title, to the uniform photo blocks, to the large journaling spot. the only embellishments i added were on the photos themselves.

i realized once i put the two pages together that the title is wanky (which i'll fix before i print - i just haven't fixed it yet...)

you can read my journal by clicking on the photo (which will open the image up into a larger image and be easier to read)

i realize how much i am scrapbooking with this self-imposed challenge of  52 scraplifts.

i'm lovin' this project.