project life | week 03

pin + action | 02

awhile back i pinned this awesome, creative necklace from a girl who makes and knew at some point i would take action and make one for myself.

my boys were away this weekend on a campout so i thought it would be a great time to create my own necklace.

my supplies included: 5 colors of craft paint, 10 hole-drilled wooden balls, painters tape, a paint brush, and a length of thin leather

i used a lovely turquoise, a sharp pink, a delightful orange, a rad lime, and a decadent brown. i would have liked martha stewart paints but these were on sale for cheap and martha stewarts are very expensive

i worked two at a time, taping off half of each wooden bead, painting, letting dry, and applying a second coat. i have to say that the photo does not due the colors justice. they are bold and bright in real life.

i love my new necklace. i spruced up my workout outfit with the necklace. it made it just a tad dressier.

so very cool.

and that is my second pin + action this year.