project life | week 04
set of 6 3x4 project life journal cards

pin + action | 03



this block nativity scene has been on my christmas love pin board since i began pinning. i have wanted to make these forever. even before i began pinning i had these saved into my favorites.

one day.

this past thanksgiving we made it down to florida for the thanksgiving family gathering...and black friday shopping. when we hit black friday shopping its always joannes, micheals, and target and other places might include hobby lobby. this past black friday we hit hobby lobby and i hit pay dirt.

8 inch blocks were on sale 50% off. i knew immediately i had to have them for this project.

while i would have loved to have made the vinyl pieces myself on my very own silhouette camea - alas, i do not have one in my possession. so i had to purchase them.

this was a very simple pin + action.

my supplies were simple:

three vinyl nativity cut-outs, 3 - 8-inch glass blocks, three strands of tiny white lights, and a spool of 2-inch shimmery ribbon, and scissors.

1) i affixed the vinyl onto the glass block

2) stuffed in the strands of tiny white lights into each block

3) cut off a good length of shimmery ribbon, wrapped it around the block and tied it into a bow at the top. i did use some clear pop dots to hold the ribbon ends in place.

here's a close up of one of the blocks.

easy-peezy. and these have become my most favorite christmas decoration.

yes, even over my snow men.