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pin (p n) ac·tion (ak'sh n) v.

1. the act of pinning; and then making, crafting, copying, diying, the pin

while i was home over thanksgiving and shopping on black friday (seems i started a previous post like this...), we went to joanne's first off. we always do. everyone was buying something. i wasn't going to. but i wanted to. i decided to visit other parts of the store while my mom and sister were in the fabric cutting aisle waiting for their turn. i spotted these paper mache letters that were quite large. i originally wanted the 23"-high letters but figured these would work great because of how thick they were.

i pinned this display of N O E L from pottery barn from craftily ever after and knew i would one day make it.

so i've had the letters for a while now and after the first of the year when i decided i needed to start taking action to all those things i was pinning i also knew it would be soon that i'd make that NOEL christmas decoration.

my typical way of doing things is to make christmas decorations after christmas (sure, i make some before too, but it never fails that i get in the mood after christmas).

so i bought some krylon hammered bronze spray paint, some more E6000 super strength affixing glue stuff and went to town.

1) First, i glued the bottom of the N to the top of the E, then glued the side of the E to the side of the L and let all that dry for about 36-hours.

2) Then, i glued the O catt-e-corner (i have no idea how to spell it) tilted on top of the L and hugging the N.

3) i was concerned that the O, because it had such a small area to glue that it would come apart but E6000 glue is strong.

4) then i began spray painting.

5) the first coat looked like this. i was already seeing the awesomeness of the hammered bronze spray paint.

6) i let that dry overnight before i gave it a second coat to try and smooth things out a bit and hit any areas that i missed.

7) my finished N O E L project.


so gorgeous! i got to say that i love them way better than pottery barn's!!!! sorry pb.