hello monday | 02 2013
52 scraplifts | 02

today i...

went grocery shopping for the week. yikes. crazy prices. although pumpkin spice creamer was only .73 cents so i stocked because i'm sure it's going off the shelves until next fall. some how low fat sour cream was only .79 cents - way good price there too. but, then i had to buy hamburger and shuddered. then cringed at chuck roast prices to.

was going to have guests for taco tuesday, and jalapeno poppers too.

am now sick with body aches and i'm exhausted. hoosier man gave me the flu. he had it last week bad.

had a couple posts planned for today that just isn't happening.

read the beginning chapters of the outsiders, our new literature assignment.

reading a j.d. robb, survivor in death - one of my favorites.

had major computer issues - which is another reason no post but this one.

need to walk but i am not making it out of this house

just want to curl up and sleep.