52 lists | week 01
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52 lists | week 02

i'm joining moorea-seal in her 52 Lists project with a new prompt every week for 2013. i'm behind. i'm catching up.

i'm loving the prompts and making the lists already.

here is 52 lists | week 02

this was an amazing prompt and very revealing of myself.

what are my greatest comforts?

the word of God  |  my small group  |  my husband  |  a hot cup of coffee  |  warm, fuzzy socks  |  date nights with Jeff  |  Jeff reaching for my hand to hold  |  playing board games with the kids  |  piles of blankets on my bed  |  my red chair  |  Jeff's gift of service and his amazing abilities  |  the love of God as far as the east is from the west  |  10,000 reasons to bless His name  |  singing Christian songs  |  listening to the words of Christian songs  |  swimming lap after lap  |  taking walks  |  camping with Jeff and the boys  |  scrapbooking and keeping memories  |  being able to homeschool  |  contentment  |  curling up with a good book  |  laughing through an entire movie  |  receiving notes and cards in the mail  |  hugs  |  the changing cloud patterns  |  a sunrise  |  snuggling up with Jeff at my back  |  having my kids and grandkids stay with us  |  hot, hot showers  |  my pajamas  |  my mom's cinnamon rolls  |  new recipes and my families response  |  silence  |  pizza and movie night  |  a clean, organized house  |  office supplies and journals

so much fun. so enlightening. so humbling. so awesome.