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pin (p n) ac·tion (ak'sh n) v.

1. the act of pinning; and then making, crafting, copying, diying, the pin

i was pinning just the other evening from my laptop in the living room. i pinned this paper towel holder on to my board kitchen love. the diy came from itsy bits and pieces.

i showed the diy to hoosier man. his comment was mostly silence, or some mumbling comment of uninterest. i concluded the paper towel holder would be great for the kitchen. again not much of a response.

last night hoosier man comes home from work with everything he needed to make the paper towel holder. simple as that. no begging and pleading. just the supplies and the fact that he used his Christmas present gift card to purchase those supplies.

and i am thankful. grateful. excited. overjoyed. hum...this non-committal, silence thing is interesting.

hoosier man had all the pieces already put together when he got home.

so we decided which side of the cabinet to place the towel holder. and he started drillin'

that's my hoosier man. he's super talented and gifted like that. he pretty much can fix anything.

he posed for this shot.

i love my super cool, industrial-style paper towel holder. and it is off my counter!!!!