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10 things | scrapbooking techniques that have caught my eye


1. A focused-week of Project Life

For this Project Life page spread Ali focused her photos on some sort of food for each day, then to top off the technique highlighted the day with a digital brush that she printed on the photo.

I love the idea of using photos of our family dinners, with days of the week, and maybe even including the meal. Coming from a family that has a monthly meal plan, and sits down to dinner together every afternoon this would be fantastic documentation that I'm definitely going to include in my own Project Life soon.


2. Unique Lists

Elise, one of my top favorites for inspiration on just about everything, used one of her own stamps, which I absolutely love and wish I could afford all of them, to make a list of everything she is excited about this month.

I would like to create a digital brush to mimick the look and use it in Project Life for say a 4x6 of my own excitements, or my own hello's of the week.


3. Creating room, using blank space, to write on photos

Ali Edwards is super creative and always at the forfront of ideas. After catching my eye, I've actually used this technique on our camping trip in February. I took a picture of myself with the rushing waters of High Falls in the background and then used it to write a list.

Both digital typography and handwriting look amazing on photos with blank space.

4. A periodic list of love and happiness

Cathy Zielske has a template out with Designer Digitals that she created to incorporate a list of those things she loves and brings happiness to her. I think this would be a great insert to Project Life. I think it would be neat to have one from each of us for the same time frame. The perspective would be so unique coming from my husband and my kids.

5. Day of the Week overlay.

This is a super simple technique. I've done it on regular scrapbooking but what caught my eye was the colored-overlay. A Vegas Girl At Heart has a plethora of digital freebies that I've nabbed including these overlay's and want to use them soon.

Using these overlay's in different colors, or even the same color family, and one for each day of the week would stand out amazingly, on a Project Life page.


6. A 12 x 12 photo enlargement fitted into a Project Life template.

I used this technique in my Week 9 Project Life but on a smaller scale, with a smaller impact. Some of my favorite scrapbookers have used this technique superbly and I think it would be fun to find that one photo to highlight in this way. Not just for impact, but because of the photo and what it says to my family.


7. Project Life Additions (such as 12 of 12)

I complete a 12 of 12 each month, but I've been creating a 12 x 12 page and my plan was to just keep them all together, month after month, in one album, but I really like the idea of inserting it into Project Life as an addition.

I'm not sure if I'd use a 6 x 12 or just 12 x 12 - then it would be an insert over an additional page. I'll have to think about that one.


8. Photos + title + words + COLOR

While this is not a Project Life page spread I love the 3 x 4 sized photos with a colorful overlay and title in white that would serve as the location for journaling too.

Thus, my idea would be a two-page Project Life spread of 24 - 3 x 4 sized photos each with a separate color title/journal spot. Oh my, I think I'm gonna' use this technique next week.


9. Title and Journal printed bold on photos

While I have used this technique before it is a great way to make sure you still journal the day, the photo, when your 2-page Project Life spread is photo heavy and does in fact look amazing when it is photo heavy with all of these titles + journal directly on the photos.


10. Monthly Photo Dividers for Project Life.

Using one of the Project Lifes plastic dividers this lady added a collaged-photo to it as her divider for each month of her Project Life. I have old dividers from traditional Project 365 that I've never used that I could add collaged-photo sheets to for the same look.

I'm actually going to put this on my to-do list for this month and catch up with January - March because this is super cool!