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a day in the life...february

The last day of each month is a day in the life. I document our entire day through words and photos. This two-page 12x12 documentation will go in our Project Life album right along with our weekly Project Life pages. Some days, like 2-28-13, will be a very typical, ordinary, routine day for us.

I did pretty darn good about taking pictures of the day. But, once again my documentation, writing our day down, was mediocre at best. By the time I was ready to put together the pages I had to use the photos to jar my memory of the day. Hopefully, next month I can do better! Otherwise, this is an amazing project to add to our project life and will offer additional logged memories into our life.

I used an Ali Edwards template from her Week in the Life collection for the left side of the page. A big photo of my very photogenic husband eating a yummy dinner. It is the only photo I took of him for the entire day so I thought it best to highlight it.

For the right side I knew I had a good many photos, but didn't quite have enough to fill 36 boxes so I used the photos I had and interspersed them with pattern paper and embellishments. I absolutely love how this turned out. I divided the photos up, for the most part, by time of day, morning, afternoon, and evening.

Because I didn't have any room on either page, and wanted to use all my photos I'm adding a 6x12 journal page. I'm using white cardstock and an Ali Edwards' Long Journaler with embellishment. Again, I broke out the journaling to MORNING, AFTERNOON, and EVENING. I imagine this will be how I continue my journaling until I hit a month where I journal intensively and extensively.

I'm very pleased with this month's a day in the life. I know this will serve to keep me motivated to continue this project throughout the year.