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around here.

around here. We've been playing a bunch of games; it has been 'spring break' from homeschool co-op but I haven't let the boys' take completely off from school, although we've had some good fun and the work has been limited. They've had to work on their Physical Science projects, take a Physical Science test, work on Algebra, and we've read aloud of course - that's our favorite; and, we'd probably do that anyway.

We didn't have Wednesday night church so we played a couple games of Yahtzee; it was 500 Rummy earlier in the day, just the boys and I, and Sorry on another night. And we've laughed and had fun all the times.

Of course we've watched Stargate SG-1 (we are currently in Season 8 - again) and we watched NCIS and NCIS Los Angelas on Tuesday.

Jeff and I have a date tonight and I we'll be watching Olympus has Fallen. Looking forward to another date night. So it's been a laid back, easy going week, with bunches of fun.