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around here.

around here. A messy studio that desperately needs cleaning and organizing. I really can't create anything traditional with my studio as is. Any creating is on the computer and right now I'm in the mood to create with my hands.

I made a new recipe this past week (recipe coming!) - Stromboli's!!! So simple; but man, they were good.

Last night we had to hit the drive thru window at Sonic's. Busy all day with studying for exams today, packing for campout this weekend with the Boy Scouts and then both boys had to go to Food Lion and purchase food for their Troop for the weekend. It is really funny, the mind of young boys when it comes to food shopping.

This week I've been organizing, labeling, and planning all surrounding Literature. Their current binders got labeled more specifically which I mimicked for next years American History. I've planned out the remaining books for this year and made files for next years books; labeled and aligned in the order we'll cover them. I'm extremely pleased with how American Literature is coming along. I will continue to find Study Guides and Lesson Plans for each of the books we'll read next year and I hope to have the entire year planned. 

The boys always lay out their camping gear on the living room floor so they can see if they are forgetting anything. They will have to ride up tonight with the remainder of the troop and Jeff is going to have to head up in the morning because of work issues.

Our curriculum for the 2013-2014 year is almost all here. We got their American History/Literature in the mail this week. We're waiting on some supplemental materials for History and then we should be done purchasing curriculum.

It's been a busy week! My goal this weekend is to tackle that studio. Jeff is building a set of bookshelves for books really because we have a bunch of books in the attic that need to be accessible to John and Jarrod for school. The shelves aren't for my studio but I really need to organize, purge, and clean so I can create. I'm in a slump! I need out of the slump.