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In my recent 10 Things on scrapbooking techniques that have caught my eye I mentioned that I might change up my 12 of 12 addition to Project Life with a 6 x 12 page instead of my normal 12 of 12's in which I create them into a 12 x 12 page. While a 12 x 12 page can certainly be inserted into Project Life I thought the idea of a 6 x 12 was brilliant and when I get them printed I can get two months worth on one 12 x 12 print.

Thankfully, this month, on the 12th I took more than 12 photos and was able to pick and choose for the most part which photos I wanted to include into our memories. One thing I highlighted was a new outfit that I purchased at Dress Barn after work. I rarely go clothing shopping but after going shoe shopping the other day with Hoosier Man and picking up two pairs of shoes, one with heals, and know my two pair of jeans are wearing pretty thin (i.e. holes opening up) I decided to get a fresh pair of black jeans. And then I saw the scarf!!!

And I can't wait to wear the outfit tomorrow night on our date night.

And we are moving right along with the Hobbit: reading a chapter aloud one day, completing the chapter study guide the next. It's working for us swimmingly.