right now.
hello monday | and busy week


today we slept in until 8 am. I was amazing sleeping weather.

today there is a cool breeze blowing through the house. So, we threw open all the windows and while we have clear skies and the temperature is creeping up nicely, there's a cool breeze to off set the heat.

today we went to Red Wing and bought Hoosier Man a pair of much-needed work boots. In the past years we've bought Birkenstocks boots but the specific boot we've gotten him they no longer carry - or make for that matter so last year he had to settle for a pair from Bass Pro and was never really happen with them and they never really held up well either. So this year we decided on Red Wing because we've always had longevity with their products - just very well-made, high quality footwear. Score! Hoosier Man is really happy with his steel-toed, water resistant, water proof, super comfortable, and nice-looking work boot.

today we went to the commissary for this weeks groceries and was able to stock up on somethings we often use that were on super-sale, and/or coupons. We did good!

today we made two - count 'em - two dutch oven's full of sausage, vegetable, noodle soup. One to eat for dinner tonight and one to take to a friend who is laid up with back pains and husband is deployed and has three kids.

today we made two loves of homemade bread. One to eat for dinner and one to share.

today the boys and Jeff are outside putting up the tent and laying out the tarps from our recent campout and getting them all cleaned up for our next campout.

today I will lead a bible study at church for ladies. And, Jeff will serve in the children's ministry (K-5) as a sheriff. And, John and Jarrod will walk the churches lake perimeter and enjoy each other.

today we will all attend church service together at Savannah Christian Church

today my knee is throbbing.

today we are washing clothes and putting them away.

today we spent $120+ on filling our van with gas. Yikes!

today God provided the funds for the gas, the boots, and the groceries.

today John and Jarrod walked their fastest time so far and set the standard for a new and improved - moving more regimen - they just don't know it yet (hee hee)

today in my Bible study lesson I was reminded that God is incomparable. He is the Great I AM. He is unchangeable. He is my Strength and Sustainer.