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52lists | week 16

I think over the years I've had pretty much the same 'most favorite' reads with a few subtractions, replaced by something new, and a few additions, not necessarily replacing but adding to my 'most favorite reads'. When Moorea-Seal sent out the 52 Lists for my favorite reads I took some time to carefully select those books that are in fact favorites. I have to admit that some of them surprised me. When I assessed why I enjoyed something, and why I kept some of the books on my favorites list and why I was removing some of them.

My reading tastes have changed only slightly over the years, and I've really come to realize the types of books I fully enjoy: strong women, military connected, police dramas, smart- aleckness, humor, playfulness, and the occassional Christian-based theme.

Then, there are those books that I've enjoyed reading aloud to the boys. Some of them have become my favorites too.

While I've enjoyed many books, I've truly paired down my list to a few. When you consider the series it isn't really a few, though. And because I read and reread them (at least twice a year andthere are 35 in the series), I can probably say, except for the Bible, that J.D. Robb's In Death series is probably my favorite - really. Sure, some are better than others, and I do have my favorites of the series, they just simply fulfill the need to I have to laugh - more so than many other books.