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april 12 of 12 | 04

The 12th of April ended up being a great day but I didn't get very many pictures worthy of keeping - but had to make do. Co-op was the highlight of the day and my date with Jeff the highlight of the evening. But, even more was the conversation Jeff and I had with a homeless man at Forsythe Park where we were able to share Jesus with the man and maybe planted a seed.

I gotta say that I love my boys and who they are - it reflects in their relationships with their teachers at co-op - and speaks highly of their character. John and Jarrod are very well-liked and respected young men.

Jeff and I ate at Red Lobster for dinner which was a nice change of pace. It was a good thing we got home fairly early and were able to deal with/coach some Boy Scout issues with our Senior Patrol Leader son, who had to take care of some responsibilities.

All in all a good day. And I really do know that the point of this day is to take 12 really good photos - it is a photo exercise but without my 'big' Canon I'm reserved to my little Canon Power Shot.