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around here.

CZ Tempalte for Big Picture Classes

 around here.

around here I've immersed myself in a new Big Picture Classes class called Clean and Simple by Cathy Zielske. It's all about Photoshop Elements, Design, and Scrapbooking and I'm loving everything I've already learned. The above page is my first assignment.

around here it is warm but not hot with cool evenings and nights.

around here we are studying the continent Antarctica in our Geography lessons. So much fun.

around here we are reading aloud White Fang by Jack London. I think it will become one of the boys' top favorites.

around here we have completed our taxes for the year. Yuk! But, we have an amazing tax accountant who makes the entire process fun. Thanks, Sherry.

around here I'm struggling with body aches and pains from plaguing knee issues, back (in various spots) and neck pains, possible gall bladder flare up, and some bladder issues - thus not sleeping well.

around here I have been drinking lots of water everyday! This is a huge step for me!

around here I have added some fruit to my diet - just out of the blue.

around here Jeff and I have a date night this week. It's one of my favorite parts of the week. We have a date night every other week (twice a month). It is something we both look forward to.

around here it has been a rather unproductive week for me although Jeff has worked a bit on my shelf. And we've gone to church. And the boys have gone to boy scouts (with side issues that we are dealing with). And we had a great small group gathering.

around here, life is good.