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52lists | week 17

I'm a little behind on my lists but I'm good with that - I know I'll catch up. With Ashley home I'm not spending near as much time on the computer as I might normally - which is also good for my neck and shoulders too. Here is my week 17 from Moorea-Seal.

I realized that putting pen to paper (not literally pen to paper - but you get the drift)...anyways...I realized that it isn't easy writing how your feel, or in this case what I admire about someone. It is blatantly obvious for some, but not others. Maybe, it is those I should have considered leaving off. I don't think admiration necessarily reflects whether one loves someone or not. I most assuredly left off someone, more than someone.

I think it is interesting how we can admire someone for this or that but also not admire them for something else. God has really given us a huge capacity for grace. So my list of week 17 is complete. moving on...