52gratitudes | 21
memorial day

52lists | week 18

I immediately realized that I am making a list about things I should be doing because they are those very things that energize me to do more things. I also realized that when I am not doing these things I am least moved to do - anything. I need to place careful attention to these pieces of life because I'm a better me for them.  I receive immediate gratification from these things. I rejoice in doing, in accomplishing these very things. I am never bored when doing these things that energize. Such a good exercise into me:

lists   &   swimming   &   a clean house   &   organizing areas   &    purging   &   a good nights sleep   &   a long walk   &   hot showers   &   the sunshine   &   cups of creamy coffee   &   scrapbooking and documenting life   &    eating healthy   &   reading the Word of God   &   prayer to God   &   lots of water   &   coming home from work   &   camping   &   a clear, crisp, cool morning   &   checking stuff off lists   &   complete a project   &   putting really great dinners together


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