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project life | week 21

Super busy this week and several days late on even completing last weeks, Week 21 Project Life. Kept it simple because I really just wanted to complete it. Our days are filled with little boys and big boys, and lots of mother-daughter time so in a way they all jumble together. This was a very difficult week to journal so I kept that simple as well.

I used Cathy Zielske's new digital templates. Still not decided whether I like all the white space on the outside but I love the less-rounded corners and all of my 3x4 and 4x6 journal cards seem to fit so much better. This week of Project Life I did begin purging of my scraproom but it'll be week 22 that tells a bigger story.

My mom came into town Sunday afternoon and we had small group cook out which was a blast but I got no photos and I realized I didn't even journal it either. Life goes on.

I like the journal flags and that I mimicked the journal card from the other side. And another week is complete!

52gratitudes | 22

Super excited and grateful for my daughters influence to simplify my scrap studio. I'm lovin' what's been happening. In a week it'll look fabulous. But, not just my scrap studio are changes happening. I've got a project for my living room wall almost done! And, another project for another living room wall started (but will take a while to complete).

Life is super busy here with my mom in town and making memories with her and my daughter and grandsons. Leaving me little time or desire to blog or even be on the computer. Should be back soon, or at least more frequent.

memorial day


Memorial Day is a day to remember. As a retired Air Force veteran, as the wife of a veteran this day isn't for me, or, for my husband. This day, instead, is to remember the sacrifices made by those who have given their lives for our country. My gratitude and respect, my appreciation of their unwavering, unequaled sacrifice, save Christ, pales in comparison to the heroic actions of our servicemen and women who, simply chose a call to arms for their brother-in-arms and for their country. You will not be forgotten.

52lists | week 18

I immediately realized that I am making a list about things I should be doing because they are those very things that energize me to do more things. I also realized that when I am not doing these things I am least moved to do - anything. I need to place careful attention to these pieces of life because I'm a better me for them.  I receive immediate gratification from these things. I rejoice in doing, in accomplishing these very things. I am never bored when doing these things that energize. Such a good exercise into me:

lists   &   swimming   &   a clean house   &   organizing areas   &    purging   &   a good nights sleep   &   a long walk   &   hot showers   &   the sunshine   &   cups of creamy coffee   &   scrapbooking and documenting life   &    eating healthy   &   reading the Word of God   &   prayer to God   &   lots of water   &   coming home from work   &   camping   &   a clear, crisp, cool morning   &   checking stuff off lists   &   complete a project   &   putting really great dinners together


52 Lists is brought to you by Moorea-Seal

may | currents


waking up and receiving a kiss from this little guy.

studying Made to Crave and...

finding so much out about myself that needs Holy Spirit intervention.

swimming this week; one swim down, one to go.

watching the Mentalist on DVD.

working a couple days extra this week and God is good.

saving for wood flooring for the living room.

planning next years school schedule and my homeschool co-op class.

needing to fill my new bookshelf that Jeff made won't take long to fill.

enjoying this time with my daughter Ashley and grandsons, Ian and Wyatt.

looking forward to my mom coming for a visit this weekend. I love how she enjoys her great grandkids so much, even their loudness and messiness.

drinking coffee this morning and water, only, throughout the day.

catching up on scrapbooking assignments doesn't seem to be happening.

reading in the book of Romans, especially after our amazing discussion with our small group this past Sunday.

filling my 10000 Reasons journal slowly but surely: I broke 700 Reasons to bless His name yesterday. It is such an amzing lesson of: all of Him, none of me.

praying for my husband's job situation

loving so much around me right now.

project life | week 20

Oh my, Week 20 of Project Life. I've remained caught up (I even have week's 1 - 18) printed and in an album. And, I still love this project. Except for one Ali Edwards embellishment this is all Cathy Zielske product. I love the way this week turned out. When I decided on fairly uniform it made the putting-together process super simple.

I did use Pioneer Woman actions on all the photos and I like the mix of colorized, seventies, and fresh color. With my daughter and grandsons in the house and the added stories, using Cathy Z's 'story' journalers gave a fresh idea to my journaling, while still embellishing.

I had tons of photos this week but the 'blessed beyond measure' is sure to be a longtime favorite of Ian kissing his Grammy (me). So, another week of Project Life is completed - and another one is already underway.


Project Life is a solution-based approach to scrapbooking that was created to simplify the process in order to allow you more time to enjoy life! It requires no glue, no scissors, no tools, and no skills of any kind


sons of thunder academy | exploring american literature

Sons of thunder
We will be using the Exploring American Literature curriculum from Notgrass Publishing that accompanies the Exploring American History (EAH) curriculum from the same. ´╗┐Originally we were going to complete a British Literature package, the Lord of the Rings literary lessons and even purchased the curriculum, but once we signed the boys up for EAH (for high school students) at Kingdom Builders Co-op it seemed wiser to use the available curriculum for a year of American Literature while also studying American History.

The literature package includes 13 works of American Literature covered at various times during their study of EAH. There are suggested alternative readings should one want to replace a particular piece but rather than replace pieces I've decided to add those pieces in to our literature plans. When we are in Unit 2-3 of EAH we will read and explore the first piece of literature, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne. All the literature will become read-a-louds because it is our most favorite time of homeschool: when I read to my 16-year old twin boys. They read many books on their own so I have no issues making this our time.

The following is the order we will complete our literature pieces and what if any will accompany the reading:

The Scarlet Letter (Nathanial Hawthorne) - During EAH Unit 2-3

     The Glencoe Library has quite a few study guides available for free download. We will take advantage of these for The Scarlet Letter

Calico Bush - During EAH Unit 4-5

     I found a Unit Study on line that I will incorporate into our studies when we read Calico Bush

Narrative of the Life of David Crocket (David Crocket) - During EAH Unit 6-7

     During this reading I'll use pieces of the National Endowment for Humanities website to provide a more substantial study.

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (Frederick Douglass) - During EAH Unit 8

     The Signet Classics has a Teacher's Guide that I will use to create a Study Guide for John and Jarrod during this reading. While we will just read some of the selections I disagree with the Notgrasses recommendation to just read the selections without interrogating or discussing what they've read.

A James Fenimore Cooper selection - During EAH Unit 9

     We have already read The Last of the Mohicans, which might be an obvious selection but more than likely we'll pick The Deerslayer. We will read to enjoy.

Uncle Tom's Cabin (Harriet Beecher Stowe) - During EAH Unit 10-11

     I will purchase a Study Guide from Progeny Press for this selection.   

Co. Aytch (Sam Watkins) - During EAH Unit 12-13

     We will read to enjoy.

Carry on Mr. Bowditch - During EAH Unit 12-13

     I will purchase a study guide from Progeny Press for this selection.

Little Women (Louisa May Alcott) - During EAH Unit 14-15

     I will purchase a study guide for this selection.

Across Five Aprils - During EAH Unit 14-15

     We will use the study guide available for free through the Glencoe Library.

Humorous Stories and Sketches (Mark Twain) - During EAH Unit 16

     We will read to enjoy.

In His Steps (Charles Sheldon) - During EAH Unit 17

     We will read to enjoy but we will definitely discuss each chapter together.

Up From Slavery (Booker T. Washington) - During EAH Unit 18

     I will put together a study guide for this selection.

Mama's Bank Account (Kathryn Forbes) - During EAH Unit 19

     I will put together a study guide for this literary work (unless I can find one online).

Christy (Catherine Marshall) - During EAH Unit 20-21

     We will read to enjoy.

To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee) - During EAH Unit 22-23

     We will complete the study guide available as a free download from the Glencoe Library.

Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry - During EAH Unit 24

     We will complete a study guide for this selection.

The Giver (Lois Lowry) - During EAH Unit 27

     I found a Progeny Press study guide that I will most definitely incorporate into this last literary selection.

I am crazy excited for our next school year and all wewill learn about American Literatue and American History for that matter.




etsy window shopping...may edition

Gorgeous lightweight towel, yet super absorbent. Would love to try something like this. So rich and elegant.

I'm always...and I mean always a sucker for a soft leather messenger bag. I could own a hundred of them and not get tired of them.

These ceramic cellars are so darling. They would fit perfectly into my kitchen that will become full of colors.

An awesome WORDS photograph. And very true.

I'm so not into pink but when combined with bright, cheery purples and oranges it is gorgeous. And I have been so into bold hues lately I was immediately drawn to this scarf - and perfect for the summer season.


Geometric and bright colors make this necklace super desirable.

More color! It would be way cool and fun to wear several of these fun, playful penny necklaces.

To die for turquoise. Love the color tremendously. It's my most favorite. And ceramic - you just can't beat the yumminess of the creamy smooth-fired bowls.

I have the insance desire to purge most of my coffee mugs, start over and collect mugs that I absolutely love in all sorts of patterns - like these colored ceramic heart coffee mugs.

Oh my! I would love this. Love notes. Cards. Typed words on this adorable, vintage robins egg blue old fashioned typepwriter.

I'm not sure why they call these nursing necklaces but, all I know is that I love the crocheted-wrapped beads. And the colors make me swoon.

This ombre turquoise/mint tribal necklace is amazing.

Joy is Contagious. And this print is beautiful.

How pretty are these pastel coffee mugs and saucers.

As always I have so much fun window shopping Etsy. It's an amazingly sweet place to visit.