i choose...in may 2013
move more eat well 2.0 | may assignment

a day in the life...30 april

I love the simple, but vintage, retro feel of this page. And really love the colors too. I mimicked another month (February's) Day in the Life using the 24-photo template on the right side and Ali Edwards' Week in a Life template on the left side.

I love this picture of the boys walking because it represents not only a part of A Day in the LIfe but it is a typical morning for the boys to begin their day with a walk/run. But, I also love it because when I went to grab the picture Jarrod was silly and made me laugh.

Lots of pictures of the day. I used colored and black and white to change it up. I really like the patterned papers and all the embellishments.

It was a pretty good day.