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homeschool 101...building a portfolio (part 2)

Today, I’m sharing the High School Credit planner I created for the boys’ high school years. It really is a planner, although I’ve inputted their ‘completed’ 9th grade year, and not necessarily part of the portfolio that will go with them at graduation. I have in the past, prior to their 9th grade year planned out their 4 years of high school but I’ve since researched our states requirements for graduation, adjusted their proposed classes from our homeschool co-op schedule, and assessed what they will complete at home in order to meet requirements.

At this point, both my boys are not planning on college, initially. They, instead, are looking at military service.  But, things change. We need to make sure they have the necessary requirements for a high school graduation, a portfolio for college entrance, or entrance to military service. We would be doing them a disservice otherwise.

Credits Needed


9th Grade

10th Grade

11th Grade

12th Grade


English/ Composition

Easy Grammar Wordly Wise Vocabulary 9 World Literature                      1 Credit

American Literature         

1 Credit

LOTR/ British Literature                  1    Credit                     

IEW Writing                   1 Credit



Algebra I                       1 Credit

Algebra II                                 

1 Credit

Geometry                        1 Credit

Advanced Math/ Pre- Calculus                        1 Credit



Physical Science w/ Lab                                1 Credit

Biology w/LAB 

 1 Credit

Meteorology w/ Lab           1 Credit

Advanced Biology  or Chemistry  w/ Lab         1 Credit


Foreign Language

Spanish I (Early H.S.) Spanish II                      2 Credits

(See 10th Grade Elective)




Social Studies : World History, U.S. History Government Economics

World/Bible History        1   Credit              

World Geography .5    Credit

American History                


  World Geography            

.5 Credit


.5 Credit              Economics                    

.5 Credit




Bible (The Story)             1 Credit

Bible (Study of James, Paul, & David)   1 Credit               Spanish III          1 Credit                   Art 3D                 1 Credit

Bible                                1 Credit                

Drivers Education         1 Credit

Bible                             1 Credit


Fine Arts

Art & Design                 1  Credit

(See 10th Grade Elective)




Health / Physical Education



Health / Physical Education      1 Credit


Total 27/25 Credits Earned/Required


8.5 Credits

7.5 Credits

7 Credits

4 Credits

 (Please excuse the messy table; inserting it into typepad was a pain)

Will this plan change? I imagine so. Even our plan for 10th grade has already changed in mid-step. We had originally planned on completing their British Literature in 10th grade but because they are taking American History in 10th it made sense for them to take American Literature at the same time. In fact, the curriculum we are using is an American History and American Literature combined (Nodgrass’, Exploring America). They will take the American History portion in homeschool co-op and they will complete the American Literature portion at home.

All of our homeschool co-op sciences are with a Lab in order to give students options. Both John and Jarrod want to take my Meteorology class so I’ve scheduled that their 11th grade year. But, I expect them to complete an advanced science with a Lab as well.

I have to say that being part of a homeschool cooperative is a God-send. I know we could have continued with their high school years but classes like their science, and foreign language, and even writing classes are so much better for them having taken co-op classes. The ladies who teach in our co-op have found their strengths and they impart those strengths onto their students who reap the benefits. I know teaching Meteorology serves two purposes for our co-op:  1) it offers students an alternative science with a lab other than advanced biology or chemistry, which many students just don’t want to take, or need, and 2) it utilizes my strengths. As a 30 year meteorologist, I too, can impart my strength to students.