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pin action | diy photo wall

Awhile back Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess posted her and her husbands diy Instax Wallpaper they put up in their new house.

a beautiful mess

And I fell in love.

Everyday I visited her site, found the blog post of the diy wall and enjoyed the view, all the while imagining my living room blue wall being covered with photos.

About a week later Jeff and I were talking while I was surfing the web and I purposefully visited A Beautiful Mess and showed Jeff the diy wall.

Then I asked him if it would be alright if we did that to the blue wall in the living room.

I held my breath.

And he said yes.

For the next several months I formulated a plan of how I would go about doing this. I knew I couldn't afford 'wallpaper' like Elsie had done. We didn't have connections to have printed the photos for cheap.

When my daughter Ashley came home for a couple months we continued talking about the wall and I began hunting through my photos.

I knew I would use 4 x 4 pictures with a thin white border. After going through my photoshop elements actions I decided on a 'colorized' action from the Pioneer Woman that she had offered free when she still had her photography blog.

I would need over 900 photos to cover the entire wall.

I got started uploading photos to Walgreens, finding a great deal on prints, and having the beginning photos printed.

Then my sister Paula visited for one day.

Between my sister, my daughter, and I we came up with a more feasible dIY.

Then I became super excited. This wall was going to make a statement. Huge impact!

The entire wall of photos became a 4 foot by 8 foot wall of photos centered horizontally on my blue wall.

And I look at it all the time. Giddy doesn't come close to how I feel about this wall. Ecstatic. Energized. Proud.

Jeff 'built' the 4' x 8' frame, painted the molding to match the other walls in the room; Ashley and I put up the 240+ photos.

My grandson Ian, especially likes to walk by pointing out everyone calling out their names.

I love this diy project. It is one of my favorites.

I'm not sure if I can top this DIY but I'm sure gonna' try.