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real right now | life as i know it

right now it is but weeks before Ashley and the boys leave to go back home. It has been wonderful having them here. But, then they head on to San Antonio, to their new home.

right now I have paperwork that needs to be completed. Who really enjoys paperwork?

right now I am still drinking water only (plus my morning coffee). No soda. Nada. Zip. Zilch. None. And I still love water. Where have you been all my life?

right now I have been offered the full time position at work. It's Monday - Thursday, 2pm - 12 am. I'm takin' it! God's amazing on the timing and sorting out being able to work full time and still homeschool.

right now I'm putting together the remainder of the 9th grade record keeping. And preparing their 10th grade school year.

right now we got John and Jarrod's 9th grade test results. They did a wonderful job. Except for Spelling. I'm sorry - I laughed. We are a family trial of horrid spellers (except me - mostly). But, overall they did superb. Just pretty darn proud. And we didn't teach the test. I'm most excited about their high Math scores which affirms the Math curriculum we are using is working - as is most everything else.

right now I have some health issues that are frustratingly annoying.

right now I need to put some more pages together, digitally of course. Lots of pictures to wade through.

right now life is good.