hello monday.
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12 on 12 | july

I got my act together this month and remember the 12th on the 12th instead of remembering the 12th on the 13th and realizing I didn't take 12 photos. I think one of the points of 12 on the 12th is to take care with how one is taking photos. To tell a story yes - but also to take quality photos.

I didn't do that here. Take quality photos.

But I did tell the story of the day. Documented life. So that's ok.

Fahrenheit 451 is interesting by the way. Not sure how we are going to like it. The boys like pretty much everything I read aloud so we'll make do - it just not be a favorite. We'll have to get back to reading it when they return from camp though.

I could watch Prince of Persia again and again. It's on that list of movies I can do that along with The Princess Bride, Star Trek, skyfall, and Miss Congeniality to name a few.

Date night with Jeff was awesome as usual and the Prime Rib, blackened, from Longhorns was amazing! But, wasn't too thrilled with the Long Ranger. Thought it would be funnier.