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I was visiting Katie, the Scrapbook Lady's blog the other day because I hadn't been in a while and she had a couple summertime digital scrapbooking pages posted with a set of templates that she sells. One of the pages called Beach Adventure stood out for me because I knew I could throw it together pretty quick and capture a story from the 4th of July that I wanted told.

Katies' page

This is Katie's awesome page. Simple scrapbook page. Clean and Simple. A title embellishment, large journal spot, and a photo! Awesome.

While I have a ton of templates I don't really want to purchase 1-photo templates so I decided to try and create my own page without one. Her color choices are awesome and I love her title embellishment. Unfortunately I didn't have something like that so I created one for myself:

Beach Adventure



 Pretty simple. I do like Katie's flag arrow she used but in the limited amount of time I had to create the title embellishment and the page I wasn't able to figure out how to do that - I'm still learning much in PSE. So here is the finished page with my created title embellishment, scraplifted from Katie: