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project life | week 26

i want to remember.

I want to remember...

I want to remember Ian coming into my scrap studio asking me ‘what’s my name’ and when I say Susan he says, “You’re not Susan your Grammy.”

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt coming into my scrap studio, scooting by my chair and curling themselves up into the curtains.

I want to remember Ian putting my face in both his hands and giving me a kiss.

I want to remember two pairs of legs dangling on the bench at the dining room table

I want to remember Ian repeating movie lines, really, really fast, and me not understanding a word he says; but, Ashley can and she repeats what he says and we all laugh.

I want to remember Ian taking my seat so I can’t sit down; but, giggling when I ‘pretend’ sit on him

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt repeating over and over the entire time we are picking blackberries, “Black not red.” Because we made sure to tell them to just pick the blackberries not the berries that were still red.

I want to remember that this visit the both went to bed very good with little trouble.

I want to remember Ian getting more and more comfortable with me, over time, and him choosing to give me hugs, or just hang on.

I want to remember Ian, at first closing his eyes in front of the camera but as we spent more time together, he now makes sure his eyes are open. And he’s adorable for the camera.

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt running by my chair trying not to be scooped up into my arms; but, giggling when I catch them.

I want to remember Ian repeating our ‘crazy’ game; at least part of it. Every time someone says the word crazy everyone chimes in, “Crazy. I was crazy once. They locked me in a padded room to die. Die. I don’t want to die. Worms eat you when you die. Worms. Worms are crazy...and so on.

I want to remember Ian and Wyatt watching the Land Before Time every single day (just like their mother and aunt Elizabeth did when they were little).