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12 of 12 | august 2013

Each month, well - most months, we take at the very least 12 photos of our day. I say we, because John and Jarrod really get in to the picture taking and have been known to even remind me it is the 12th. If the 12th happens on a week day, our day consists of school, food, and work. That is pretty much our life right now. And that is ok. While I've gotten into the groove of work, enjoying it even when the weather keeps me crazy busy, I'm still adjusting to the morning routine and wanting to, needing to do more than I'm accomplishing. My blog has suffered. My projects have been left alone. I've even forgotten to help prep a meal (like yesterday). But, my part to our homeschool is getting accomplished.

So the 12th of August is, too, school, work, and food.

My 12 of 12 for August 2013