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project life | week 34

1. I choose black and white for the Week 34, 2-page project life.

2. Brownie had kittens

3. Our small group came over to help pull up the old, dingy, gross carpet and pad in preparation for our wood flooring.

4. I made them lunch of smoked pulled pork sandwiches.

5. Jeff and the boys attended a Men's Christian Conference, PIVOT - Battle Ready at the Civic Center with 1600 other men.

6. I'm adjusting to work and the boys are gaining alot of cooking experience.

7. We began Homeschool co-op on Friday - first day back of the school year. It went very well. Boys love all their teachers and meeting them and attending the first day of classes alleviated some stress and concern for the upcoming year of additional classes.

8. I'm super excited about this years Meteorology class that I'm teaching. I have 8 students who seem astute and like they are going to be a fun bunch.

Again - because this is how I'm rolling - kept it super simple creatively. Mostly, because I don't have the creative genes to do much else. But, love the black and white take on this weeks pages.

Help from our beloved small group. We had the most pictures of the week from the work done ripping out the carpet. Just a really huge blessing 

hello story | oh the places you will go

One of the weeks lessons in my Hello Story class with Ali Edwards and Big Picture Classes is the Six-Word Story. Which tells part of, or speaks volumes of a story using Six Words. I was perusing Pinterest and Scrapbooking pages, not for the purpose of this class but to find some pages that drew me or inspired me and I came across a page that used Dr. Seuss' "Oh the Places You Will Go" as their title for a childs' page.

I have wanted to create a page to capture all the places Jeff or I have been because of our military careers. We've been alot of places. This is the result of my efforts. I'm pleased with the results but not necessarily happy with the photo I used and may even go back and change it up. This, changing up the photos will require scanning in some old photos from our 'traveling days'.


project life | week 33

I am forever on the lookout for inspiring Project Life pages and recently, while I was pinning and perusing the amazing project life pages that are out there I came across a page in which the Project Lifer used big white letter titles for each photo.

That totally captured my attention. Unfortunately, I don't remember where I saw it, or who it was and when I went back into my Project Life pinterest board it was nowhere to be found. I'm stumped why I didn't pin it!

But, it stuck in my mind. This week I knew I had to mimic the inspiration.

Sometimes, a week just comes together perfectly. I love everything about both pages of this week. The hints of red and yellow, with the big bold photo titles, I think, look amazing together.

...and our wood flooring is going to be amazing. And our date nights are fantastic. And school is crazy - but good. And my working full time still feels like an adjustment.

After few photos to choose from, Jeff came through with some iphone photos from our date - Go Hoosier Man! Just a normal, good week

40 recipes in a bowl | 09 Corn and Sausage Chowder

Oh my, this was fantastic. I have been trying to find crockpot recipes so that the burden of preparing dinner lies on me on those days. I can get the crockpot loaded up and the boys don't have to do much - except maybe add some heavy cream or not follow directions and add 16 oz of sharp cheddar cheese instead of 8 oz! But, wow! the 16 oz. was fantastic.

I've never been a fan of corn in stews and soups, although I love corn on the cob, and I love the creamed corn that goes in Hoosier Man's Brunswick Stew, but, I gotta' say the frozen corn in this dish is over the top along with the seasonings, sausage and potatoes.

Definitely, a keeper recipe. And definitely a great fall-winter comfort food addition. 

hello monday. just words.

hello monday.

hello another week of work and homeschool.

hello homeschool co-op, new classes, new teachers, new students (I have 8 students now).

hello date lunch with Hoosier Man on Thursday.

hello PIVOT for a boys night out.

hello prepping for wood flooring. We'll be moving furniture, pulling up old, dingy, disgusting carpet, cleaning up the cement floor, moving furniture back, and hopefully, laying down a front entrance ceramic tile.

hello to juggling life: homeschool, working full-time, keeping a marriage strong, church and service, scrapbooking, keeping a home...

hello Monday and another round of working thunderstorms. You keep me busy and make me tired - but, a really good tired.

project life | week 32

Very few photos, but that is life sometimes. I told individual stories then covered our week with a Cathy Zielske, A Peek at our Week journal card, along with her other 4x6 cards.

Obviously the best part of the week were the skies - for me anyways. I'm getting some amazing photos working full time. I'm only taking the little camera to work but it's doing an ok job. I've used this photo on several blog posts already but it definitely needed to go into Project Life.


hello story | week 6 assignment

I'm am truly lovin' this, Hello Story, class. I never know each week where it'll take me and it has given me a long list of more stories I want to tell as I've perused the gallery of the class and other students have shared their stories, which in turn spur on our own stories.

Lately, as I'm observing full time, clouds and the sky has become a bigger part of my life than ever before. While I have looked up, it seems like forever, that I've spent any length of time considering and reflecting on what the clouds can teach me, not only about the weather but about God.

While I can forecast the weather, I can learn all those rules of thumb that help me in my forecasting endeavors, such as when I see a ring, a halo, around the Sun or moon, it not only identifies the often times thin cirrostratus clouds, otherwise hard to identify, it also is a rule-of-thumb that when cirrostratus clouds are present invading the sky that rain is on its way within 24 hours.

Yet, God is still in control. I am reconciled to the the fact and still I can be the brilliant forecaster He allows me to be.