etsy window shopping | september edition
project life | 36 (playing catch up)


date night in August 2013. Our date nights always have something special about them even if it is only that we get to spend that quality time together. But, tonight we ate an amazing restaurant, the Boars Head Grill, on River Street and feasted on scrumptious southern fare: I had their mouth-watering shrimp and grits and Jeff had a low-country bouillabaisse; we had a window seating overlooking the Savannah River while it poured down rain for hours. We made it to the restaurant in a short reprieve but then Jeff got soaked getting the van and picking me up in front of the restaurant during the deluge of rain. The rain was actually a special part of the date. Crazy amount of water but then we drove to Lowes and ordered our wood flooring for our living room and bedroom.

date night #328 (or so). Since we've began these date nights, scheduled each month and placed on the menu, I'm not sure if we've had 328 dates but we've sure had alot of them and now we are adding occassional date lunches, sometime between Mon-Thu, maybe every other week. This date night we tried another new restaurant, Bella's Italian Cafe, on Habersham. It was a lovely little restaurant with really good food. We had no idea what to expect but Jeff enjoyed his Lasagna and I picked a yummy fare of Canaloni smothered in an alfredo-cheese sauce. We finished off the evening by picking our wood flooring up at Lowes.

Without a doubt date nights can be expensive, but sometimes its about the company we keep - each other and the sharing of our time and conversation that is what is important. We really need that connection. I think having these date nights these past couple years has kept our relationship accountable to each other. It's been really good.