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project life | 37

I chickened out.

This week, week 37 was supposed to be A Week in Our LIfe. I have a ton of pictures to prove that I (we) participated. Lacking in the daily routine and journaling though.

And then there was the issue of being behind. Working full time leaves me little time for scrapbooking. Little time for 'stuff'. I get the important stuff done: homeschool, time with God, relationship but it is the other 'stuff' that gets left behind. I think this is, and there are seasons of life that we go through that this happens. In the last couple weeks I've been able to blog some and scrapbook some. Not quite caught up on project life (still a week behind) but getting there.

So I used Project Life Template A, Paislee Press papers and embellishments, and Ali Edwards days of the week journal cards. And that is it. I kept the photos 'as is' straight out of the camera. And this week turned out as one of my favorites. I love love the days of the week, unified in the center of the pages.

I mimicked 'circles' on the photos, the chevron patterned paper, and the uniform days of the week journal cards. So excited that it turned out this way.

more & less.

Inspired as usual by Lee from her post on more & less I knew that I had words to say about MORE & LESS. I don't always agree with Lee, but she sure does inspire me creatively, literarily, digitally (as she is a digital scrapbooker), and photographically (as she is an amazing photographer).

This exercise aligns beautifully with my One Little Word for 2013 - Simplify. And I agree wholeheartedly with Lee's understanding that there needs to be a balance between MORE & LESS.

It became a list of sorts of where I am right now. I was intentional about the MORE I included. I hope this list will serve as more than a reminder but a source for action.

I love both my lists of MORE & LESS and would like to revisit them in a month or so to see how I've applied them to my life.

On a side note, I plan on inserting these into my Project Life for this week. I purposefully made them white and gold - those will be my color choices for the week.

more dates.

First up is our first lunch date in September. We'll make this a much-needed habit to meet at least every other week for lunch one day a week before I head into work. Because 4 days of the week we see each other when I climb into bed sometime after midnight this face to face connection was and is needed. These date lunches are in addition to our regularly scheduled date nights. God is blessing us with the funds to do this and we give Him thanks.

This past week we headed to Tybee Island for a Friday evening date. We knew that the next day would be long and it was just really relaxing heading out to Tybee for AJ's Dockside Restaurant and a leisurely walk on the beach.

Food was great. Conversation fabulous. Walk on the beach glorious, and just being together the best.

I hope to compile an album-full of pages of our dates: where we ate, when we went, how we laughed, and what we did.

random stuff of life.


wood flooring is down in the living room and hall. We still need the quarter-round along the baseboards and the threshold boards from living room to other rooms for that smooth transition. Jeff will order those tonight. 9+ boxes are left for our bedroom. We don't have a date yet for install of the floor for the master bedroom but should go pretty smooth.

pumpkin spice coffee mate creamer is not in the stores that I have found and I'm anxiously waiting for the creamer, tasty goodness that I've come to love every fall and winter. Sometimes I will buy 4-5 containers just so I don't run out. Coffee Mate needs to time their distribution of Pumpkin Spice to coincide Starbucks Pumpkin Lattes because those are already out and Starbucks is making a killin'.

seeking a heart like His by Beth Moore is a wonderful, applicable bible study that I'm really enjoying opening up everyday and spending anywhere from 30-60 minutes in intense study. Bible studies keep me in the Word; keep me studying the Word; keep me growing in the Word. And then, every Sunday evening we get a super intense commentary on the book of Romans (presently) or another book of the Bible with our small group.

it's crazy I know but I love the smell of Nozema and Vicks - I use both every day. I use Nozema to wash my face morning and night and Vicks to help me sleep. It helps me breathe. If I don't use it and I'm trying to get to sleep I just put a bit of Vicks on and I'm usually out pretty quick. Wierd, I know.

i've said it before and I'll say it favorite part of homeschool is what has become our reading time. I read aloud to the boys. This year the boys are taking American Literature and I am reading aloud all of their assigned literature. Currently, we are reading Calico Bush. Over at the Pioneer Woman's homeschooling blog, Heather (the usual homeschool blog contributor) provided a list of 'readers' that her son completed with his American History study. I took that list and paired it down with some applicable 'readers' for John and Jarrod's American History studies this year. So, besides American Literature, I also read aloud one of those American History readers. We are currently reading The Landing of the Pilgrims. And yet, we have a long list to go. One of their favorites from the list, is a DVD series called Drive Thru (American) History - they watch one episode a week and laugh and learn their way through American History.

i bought Pepperidge Farms English muffins at the grocery store the other day with the purpose of having good 'ole homemade Egg McMuffins. With crispy fried Canadian Bacon and melted, gooey American cheese, and lots of black pepper, I've been enjoying an Egg McMuffin for breakfast the last couple days. Yum!

don't hate me because...I don't like Halloween. I'm just not a fan. On the night when the neighborhood does trick or treating I (we) shut off the porch lights in hopes parents will not send their kids to the front door. I think all the decorations and candy buying is a waste of money. Although the holiday is over a month away the stores have been filled to the brim with witches brooms, and black kettles ready to be stirred, and yards to be painted with goulish displays and each yard I see I just shake my head in dismay.

thankless in death. The latest J.D. Robb book came out last week and I snatched it up and read it within a 24-hour period. That is not surprising, but the book was. Robb answered a question that readers have been guessing at for quite some time; while I assumed that would be her take on it I was still surprised. Another surprise and something I appreciated was Robb 'bringing' back some favorite characters from previous books for a celebration. I loved that. I was very intrigued by how Robb spent a bit more time with the villian than is normal. I loved this book. I think it will be one of my favorites - although that list is quite long.

and there lies the random of life.


memorizing scripture.


It makes me giddy when I listen to my sons recite scripture from memory. These Words of our God are being fastened on their hearts.

When we were signing the boys up for their classes last Spring with our homeschool co-op one class I jumped on was Bible because 1) it was being taught by an amazing women who I've sat under in study and know for a fact that she is an amazing bible study teacher, 2) they would be studying about David, Paul, and James, and 3) they were going to be memorizing the book of James.

It was the 'memorizing the book of James that stopped me in my tracks and had me signing their names up for Bible.

We began our homeschool (at home) the beginning of August but wouldn't begin co-op until the end of August but I wanted the boys to begin memorizing James. I was so excited at the prospect of them having an entire book of scripture hidden away in their hearts. So we began.

And then we found out weeks later that their teacher would now only be teaching for one semester and they would be studying just David with scripture memory verses in the Psalms. Psalm 51 and Psalm 91 over the, almost, 4 months.

This did not deter me or them. We have continued memorizing the book of James, adding a few verses each week. They are not only memorizing James they are memorizing Psalm 51 right now also.

As a homeschool mom I do not want to waste this opportunity afforded us without washing my sons in the Word of God. If that is assigning them scripture memory, where they read the Word, they meditate on the Word, they treasure the Word in their hearts, and when "they face trials of many kinds" (James 1:3) they will consider it pure joy; and, they will know without a doubt that 'every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of heavenly lights..." (James 1:17). It is my duty, it is obedience, to impress them (the Word of God) on their hearts.

project life | 36 (playing catch up)

I am behind on Project Life and I hate that feeling. This brings me up to one week (last week) left to document and it was A Week in the Life with intense photos and documentation. Frankly, I put this week off because I had so few photos and I just didn't remember what happened in the week.

So, my solution?

I used this week to document our life right now. How we're doing school? The classes the boys are taking. All about homeschool co-op. Those little kittens that have taken over our front stoop. Our dates.

What we're reading. How we're reading. Cloud photos - of course. My walking habits. The boys' walking habits.

A little bit of this life and that life. And I love the colors of the pages together too. 


date night in August 2013. Our date nights always have something special about them even if it is only that we get to spend that quality time together. But, tonight we ate an amazing restaurant, the Boars Head Grill, on River Street and feasted on scrumptious southern fare: I had their mouth-watering shrimp and grits and Jeff had a low-country bouillabaisse; we had a window seating overlooking the Savannah River while it poured down rain for hours. We made it to the restaurant in a short reprieve but then Jeff got soaked getting the van and picking me up in front of the restaurant during the deluge of rain. The rain was actually a special part of the date. Crazy amount of water but then we drove to Lowes and ordered our wood flooring for our living room and bedroom.

date night #328 (or so). Since we've began these date nights, scheduled each month and placed on the menu, I'm not sure if we've had 328 dates but we've sure had alot of them and now we are adding occassional date lunches, sometime between Mon-Thu, maybe every other week. This date night we tried another new restaurant, Bella's Italian Cafe, on Habersham. It was a lovely little restaurant with really good food. We had no idea what to expect but Jeff enjoyed his Lasagna and I picked a yummy fare of Canaloni smothered in an alfredo-cheese sauce. We finished off the evening by picking our wood flooring up at Lowes.

Without a doubt date nights can be expensive, but sometimes its about the company we keep - each other and the sharing of our time and conversation that is what is important. We really need that connection. I think having these date nights these past couple years has kept our relationship accountable to each other. It's been really good.

etsy window shopping | september edition


I'm on the look out for throw blankets and throw pillows for the living room. I saw this one and it reminded me of the very eclectic mix of colors Jeff's grandfather used for some of his afghans. I'm gonna' pull those out and use them in the living room. They'll bring alot of vintage color to the room.



I have wanted these washcloths, dishcloths forever. I love them and I wanted dozens of them in every color, especially these (and if you look at my other window shopping you'll see all the other colors I'd love too!)


Geometric shapes, arrows - love them in jewelry. This is an awesome piece.



Oh yes, vintage mixing bowls like mom's. These are gorgeous and colorful. Just where life is taking me. More color. But, I want more. And I want more.


It's beginning to look alot like Christmas...well, not really. But I saw these wood veneer ornaments and fell for them. I love their rustic, natural feel. If I wasn't looking for more color I'd turn my home into whites and neutrals. Kind of opposites I know.


More color in these sweet prep bowls. I'm a sucker for prep bowls too.

I love window shopping at Etsy. The yummy stores always give me pause for inspiration and, oh yes, wanting. It's fun to dream.

currently | still crazy busy


dateline: Savannah, Georgia; 11:48 am; Thursday morning.

weather: cooler, winds still northeast and dry.

loving having the windows opened and the fresh air pouring in the house.

drinking a steaming mug, albeit my last mug of the day, of creamy french vanilla laden coffee

serving a spicy pot of sausage vegetable stew with elbow noodles and fresh baked dinner rolls, perfect for the fall-like weather

watching the television series Eureka; on season 3.5. Haven't seen the series in quite sometime so when we began the series again it was fresh and new.

wearing pajamas still but really need to head to the shower to get ready for work.

reading the next in the j.d. robb, in death series for the umpteenth time through the series; only a quarter of the way done but...

anticipating picking up the latest in the series at the bookstore tomorrow.

feeling lost regarding blogging and scrapbooking (digitally). I'm so behind on project life - at least to me; and I've done nothing on the week in the life that I may just scrubb the project and incorporate it into catching up project life.

waiting breathlessly for my wood flooring that goes in this Saturday.

rejoicing at the thought that there is no homeschool co-op tomorrow for a much needed Friday break

excited that I had two flair badges on my name tag this past Sunday morning (it's the little things): prayer warrior and 'the Pampered thing'; received both because we attend the morning prayer with children's ministry, and I've begun bringing in breakfast once a month (and I may surprise them with one here and there too.)

enjoying our reading time together immensely. We are currently reading Calico Bush for their American Literature course; and The Landing of the PIlgrims for their American History (extra).

hoping that the two possible Eagle projects for John and Jarrod come through and they can begin seeing them through to fruition.

paying bills stinks, yet leaves a good feeling at the accomplishment, and so thankful that God has blessed us with the funds to pay them.

marveling at the faithfulness of God. Not just in blessing but just for who He is. In my morning studies, during my time with Him, He is showing me over and over how to seek after heart like His.

celebrating in my heart an awesome husband, amazing time with my sons homeschooling them, a fantastic small group that get fellowship and desires to study the Word (and not just be a group that gathers to talk but who want to grow in Christ and encourage each other to grow, and the humbleness of my husband to ask for help in putting in the wood flooring and for our groups willingness to help.

knowing without a doubt that I'm not at that comfortable place yet with full time work but that I am closer to getting there.