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more & less.

Inspired as usual by Lee from her post on more & less I knew that I had words to say about MORE & LESS. I don't always agree with Lee, but she sure does inspire me creatively, literarily, digitally (as she is a digital scrapbooker), and photographically (as she is an amazing photographer).

This exercise aligns beautifully with my One Little Word for 2013 - Simplify. And I agree wholeheartedly with Lee's understanding that there needs to be a balance between MORE & LESS.

It became a list of sorts of where I am right now. I was intentional about the MORE I included. I hope this list will serve as more than a reminder but a source for action.

I love both my lists of MORE & LESS and would like to revisit them in a month or so to see how I've applied them to my life.

On a side note, I plan on inserting these into my Project Life for this week. I purposefully made them white and gold - those will be my color choices for the week.