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I do so love project life but it is hard to keep up with right now. But, I was able to push myself to get it done yesterday morning.

Primarily, I kept it super simple; my usual go-to scrapbooking style. I'm definitely not an embellishment girl. Give me the stories and the photos - although photos were pretty lacking this week.

We did, however happen to capture photos of all things food. Go figure.

Although the kittens seemed to be growing nicely as attested by the great picture, they are all gone now. We think a wild cat in the neighborhood had a paw in the action - just don't know.

And last night I ran over Thom in the drive way. I'd stopped to shoo him out of the way since he likes to plant himself right in the middle of the driveway where I need to pull in at night. He shooed but I didn't realize he didn't shoo enough. Heartwrenching.