10 things right now | john
sausage, biscuits, and gravy casserole.

10 things right now | jarrod

Right now you are, for the most part, the chef-in-training, four nights out of the week while I am at work. You do most of the preparations and cooking (unless I've done it before I go to work) for you, John, and Daddy.

Right now you love, and always are the first to request me to read aloud your American Literature latest reading, and your American History readers.

Right now you love wearing your jean overalls and mimicking your dad (as he loves to wear his to work 'construction'.

Right now you always make me a cup of coffee and you always ask if you can have a cup of coffee too. Sometimes I say yes and you tell me you "love this rule".

Right now you have to be reminded to include 'more' information on your answers to questions in every subject because you have the tendency to answer with as little information as possible and that is sometimes, most of the time, not sufficient to answer the question.

Right now you are a Life Scout, excited about upcoming camp outs, settling in to not being in a leadership position after your Senior Patrol Leader stint, and enjoying the break; although, you were recently tasked with Troop Instructor along with your brother which you are well suited for.

Right now you are having to sleep out in the little tent in sleeping bags because you didn't get your room cleaned - again. Hopefully, sleeping on the ground instead of in the bigger tent and with cots, you 'learned' something this time.

Right now you are a hoot to be around.

Right now you like drawing swords and weapons on your school papers. Some call it doodling. You've always doodled and you still do.

Right now you come to me to discuss spiritual things and I love it. When we pray in church and daddy and I hold hands, each time you reach over and place your hand on top of ours. I love that connection and your simple act of vulnerbility and humility is inspiring.