project life | week 43
10 things right now | jarrod

10 things right now | john


Right now you do the majority of your schoolwork curled up in a blanket on the couch or chair in the living room. Sometimes, you wear a hat and gloves as the cooler temperatures have come in.

Right now you are reading Rick Riordan's, The House of Hades; book four in the series. You love anything mythology related.

Right now you only help your brother with dinner if you're told to. Guessing it's not your thing.

Right now, at 16 years and a couple months, you still play with Legos and Nerf guns, and you enjoy comic books and associated video games.

Right now you enjoy eating Panera Bread bagels for breakfast, Asiago Cheese or Everything, with Chive and Onion cream cheese. And you take copious amounts of cream cheese so when I go for the cream cheese for my bagel there isn't much left. I laugh at it because I understand the draw to both the bagels and the cream cheese.  I try and buy enough so we can share.

Right now you are taking American History, Biology, Bible, and Art 3D in homeschool co-op and all your teachers, Mrs. Liz, Mrs. Ginger, and Mrs. Jes all say you are a joy in class and that you always participate and give insight into your studies. I was talking with Mrs. Ginger the other day and she got this big smile when she talked about you. And Mrs. Jes loves reading your writing assignments with your biblical insight.

Right now you do alot of service acts, from Boy Scout related community service, to serving each weekend up in Elevate (kids ministry) in the technical booth, to working beside your dad building the Journey set.

Right now your favorite food is homemade tacos. Well, it's been homemade tacos for years. But, you love family homemade pizza night too.

Right now you struggle to keep your room clean, you don't really like chores and procrastinate doing them, and you can get really mad and raise your voice. But, more often than not, your just a really cool kid to be around.

Right now your favorite part of homeschooling is when I read your American Literature books and your American History readers aloud to you and your brother.