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redeeming autumn.

an autumn manifesto.


While I was journaling my love of autumn the other day, my thoughts naturally fell to what autumn moves me to do. Slow down. Enjoy the simple. Homemade. Thanksgiving. Gratitude. I have done several manifestos in the past with varied 'success'. I guess, in a sense a manifesto isn't a success or a fail but a purposeful way I want to do something. This year I was, first, purposeful about not going crazy with my manifesto. It's not a bucket list. And second, I kept it simple ~ my autumn manifesto.

~ weekend camping trip with my family

~ make lots of homemade soups

~ make a gratitude album

~ watch the sunrise at the beach on a crisp, cool morning snuggled in a blanket drinking a cup of coffee

~ roast hot dogs and marshmellows over an open, roaring fire

~ complete my fall diy projects

~ participate in a self-driven 10-day GIVE project (the idea is from here)