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I'm writing a book. Really, just a memoir of sorts about my history with meteorology. It is a coffee table size book of photos taken by me (and maybe one or two taken by Jeff) of clouds. I haven't written anything in a while - the busyness of life mostly - but I thought I'd share a couple more pages I've completed of the clouds and the stories - my stories. You can find the other posted pages and stories here.

Clouds: Cirrostratus

Story: "When I completed observing school in the dead of winter I headed to my first duty station - Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska. The thing about being stationed at Offutt AFB, for a weather observers is, generally, and this is what happened to me, you work in no place to see the sun, let alone the clouds. Instead, I was working the old hangar that had built the Enola Gay - the airplane used to drop the Atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan."

Cloud: Altocumulus

Story: "I worked at Air Force Global Weather Center, or AFGWC. It basically was a map factory. AFGWC created weather charts that were then distributed throughout the Air Forces' weather stations. The only time I really enjoyed my job was when I assisted the Severe Weather Forecast section. Here, I plotted observation reports, especially severe weather reports. These, in turn, assisted the severe weather experts in issuing weather warnings and advisories for the entire United States.

Clouds: Jet Cirrus and/or Contrails

Story: I left Offutt AFB map factory for another map factory in Europe at 2nd Weather Squadron in Vogelweh, Germany. I garnered experience in hand plotting local area work charts for weather forecasters. While in Germany I was transferred to Zweibrucken Air Base and was afforded the first opportunity to put my limited observing skills to work and was able to learn the fine art and intricacies of weather observing. I found I enjoyed weather observing immensely but my opportunity would be short lived as I would head back to Offutt AFB in early 1986."

So, it looks like my journaling needs some grammatical work before it is sent to print - which isn't for awhile yet anyways. This book has been placed on the back burner with only a page here and there completed as I find the time - and the perfect cloud photos. Since beginning work full time again I've acquired quite a few beautiful cloud arrangements so I think I can write a few more pages soon.