project life | week 42

fall diy projects # 1 | gold leaf painted succulent pots

On my Autumn Manifesto is complete my fall diy projects (list). This past week I checked off one of those projects. I made gold-leaf, painted succulent pots. Now, I just need to plant the succulents.

The pots are painted in the teal family to go in our living room.

They were pretty easy to make. Although the gold-leaf was messy and not necessarily compliant at all times. I really didn't follow the directions on the gold-leaf package, but it worked out ok. Here's what I did:

1) I purchased four different sized pots with their bottoms. They are all on the small side and I like that I found a pot that was skinnier at the bottom and taller.

2) I picked up paints from Michaels. I just used Folk Art because they were the acrylic paints that were on sale. I love Martha's paints but her's are so expensive (even if on sale) and these are just flower pots.

3) I wiped down the pots, allowed to dry and then painted each pot and its bottom the same color. I was on the edge using the gold leaf because I saw another set of pots on Pinterest that painted the geometric shape using the paints and leaving some of the pot terra cotta and I thought that looked cool too. But, I wanted to tackle a fear also - fear of trying something new, using something I have no idea how it's going to turn out. So I went with the gold-leaf.

4) I used just one sheet of gold-leaf for the geometrics on the four pots. Using a straight edge from my craft stash, I cut through both pieces of plastic covering and the gold-leaf. I brushed on some Modge Podge in a small area where I wanted the geometric shape to go and applied the gold leaf (peeling off one side of the plastic, laying on the gold leaf, pressing firmly, and peeling off the top piece of plastic.)

5) By the last geometric I had really gotten the hang of using gold leaf.

And there you have it. 4 tiny gold-leaf succulent pots in some gorgeous colors.